A Response to Riot

The Minority DO NOT Represent The Majority

Events over the past 72 hours (7th to 9th August 2011) have again highlighted that there are young people who are seeking to fill a void in their lives. 

It has been said that some of the gangs that lead the attacks on businesses were very organised and methodical.

Let’s not say that there’s a lack of knowledge, intelligence and leadership even amongst the “rioting rabble”.  Instead, let’s see how we can get them to channel their passion, emotion and drive to endeavours that are more productive and constructive.

It’s a tall order, I know, but it CAN be done.  It means working together as a community.

Tonday, 9th August 2011, at 4pm, Karl George, MBE and Biz Boot Camp Mentor,  will be leading a meeting as a community response to the riots.

It will be held at Aston Cross, 6 Rocky Lane, Birmingham B6 5RQ.

Come out and support the catalysts who are leading and supporting positive change.  This is an opportunity to focus on the positive and ambitious and highlight the work of young people who are building (as opposed to destroying)

One Response to “A Response to Riot”
  1. Jonathan says:

    WAKE UP! I Live In North London and found that the masked men at the front-line of these so called riots were the ones who were leading out the arson attacks. The general youth were only taking the opportunity to take goods and steal money from businesses.

    They would never burn down there hometown areas. If it was a problem about wealth and money issues they would attack upper class and rich areas, they wouldn’t demolish the very towns they live in. Masked Trained Arsonists were on scene of these ORGANISED riots. This whole ordeal is Bigger than just a riot / looting situation. Something far bigger is going on than we will ever understand.

    From years ago, the media have portrayed hooded youths in shopping centres a problem, they planted the seed from back then for yesterdays events which spread around the nation.

    8/8 UK Riots

    7/7 London Bombings

    New Laws will be placed, Curfue’s and possibly “shoot to kill” orders…The government have always wanted those 3 things.

    God help us all,

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